Welcome to artisabella.com, featuring the art of Isabella McGrath.

Fun, brave and diverse, artsabella expresses her art through abstract paintings printmaking, X-Ray Photomantage, and experimental photography.

Isabella's X-Ray Radiography Photography Photomontages are one of a kind!


artisabella lives in the Orange County - Los Angeles area. She considers herself a Renaissance Lady of the Arts... and a jack of all art trades.
artisabella explores Southern California taking X-Rays of flowers and photos of architecture and the beach. She also paints, draws and is an art collection manager.

Isabella has been working with x-ray photography for over a decade. She love the whole process, from taking the X-Rays (yes, they are really x-rays of flowers), taking the photos of the flowers, and then combining them in Photoshop to make wonderful photomontages. Isabella has also made abstract paintings, quilts, taken countless photographs, and made numerous printmaking editions.

Originally from Chicago, Isabella attended Columbia College Chicago for two years and studied painting and photography. After that, she moved to Orange County and finished her BFA in Studio Art at Chapman University in Orange, California in 2008. She drew fashion comics for her senior project, and the series is on the Gallery Page.In 2011, Isabella earned a BA in Art History at Chapman, writing a thesis on net.art.

Along with painting and photography, Isabella is also greatly interested in architecture. She interned with an Architecture firm outside Chicago for three years. She is now collected by prominent Southern California art collectors.

Here is an Artist Portrait/Interview about me!