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May 15, 2013, by Lori Bjork, on

Guest artist Isabella McGrath's art will be on display for one night only. Her art will be shown at Studio 245 gallery, 245 Marsala, Newport Beach, May 18 from 7 - 10 p.m. during the studio's Open Studio-Salon Night.The night is also an opportunity to meet the artist and chat about art, love, business, politics and fun. "Your mind is welcome!" invites Studio 245 gallery owner, Michaell Magrutsche.
Isabella McGrath is an Orange County resident transplanted from Chicago. She has her BFA in Studio Art and is earning a BA in Art History from Chapman University. Isabella has tried her hand with multiple media which allowed her to finally find her master medium, x-ray photography. For over a decade she has refined her x-ray photographs. Her talent and unique artistic creations has added to an ever growing crowd of prominent art admirers and collectors of her work..

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10 question interview, May 17, 2013, with Lori Bjork, on

1. What age would you say you first began creating art?

I first began making art my senior year in high school, about 17.

2. Did you create for the fun of it, because you simply couldn't not create art or some other reason?

I created art at the beginning to escape reality. Now I do it because I feel something inside me that has to come out--it comes out as art.

3. What age would you say you first began defining yourself as an artist?

About 20

4. What are your opinions about being paid for art? Do you consider yourself a professional artist?

I definitely feel I should be paid a lot for my art. It bothers me that people don't buy art as much as they used to, because we often create art at a financial loss. I consider myself as becoming professional. I'm on that road. Plus, I work at an art collection as a Collection Specialist/Art historian--and I'm becoming a pro at that too.

5. Have you had formal training? If so, how do you feel it has helped you as an artist? How do you feel it has hindered you? If not, what are your thoughts about formal training?

Yes, I have had formal training in printmaking, photography and painting. I think the training in photography and printmaking exposed me to many new techniques and ideas, whereas painting classes hindered my style and it took years to undo what I learned in school. I do think formal training is worth it though...

6. If you could create art with a different medium than the one you are most well-known for, what would it be?

I think I would go back to printmaking again.

7. What inspires you? Do you have some sort of "something" you do that when you do it ideas for new projects just seem to flow? Do you ever record your ideas for future use? If so, what is your favorite?

I get inspired from my life experiences. I used to keep a sketchbook to record my ideas. I'm very spontaneous, and I like to record my ideas as I go, very organic and on my feet thinking as they say...

8. What's your favorite curse word?

Fuck. I love that word. It has so many meanings.

9. What profession other than yours would you like to attempt?

Architecture. I used to be a drafter, but I gave that up because all the drafting jobs disappeared. I love architecture, and I study it too. I have many books on L.A. architecture in my library.

10. What's next for you? What else is possible?

Combining more media along with the x-rays.

Bonus question: Anything else you would love to share here about you, your life, your art, anything?

I am an Art Historian as well. I graduated with a BFA in Studio Art in 2008, and with a BA in Art History in 2011 from Chapman University. I wrote a thesis on, a form of internet art from 1995 - 1999. I have worked at an Architecture firm, interned at Laguna Art Museum and I work at an art collection in Newport Beach now in addition to making art. I created a business called artisabella that I do all my sales under.

If someone would be interested in seeing, buying art you already have created and/or commissioning you for an art project; what would be your preferred way, currently, to have them contact you?
twitter: @art_isabella twitter: @artisabella

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